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WRPMotorsports Made with Xara 2018 Race Results
WRPMotorsports Driver Willie Phee scores a win and a second place finish at of Round 13 of the SARRC Championship series at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama  Round 13 of the SARRC Championship series was held at Barber Motorsports Park with WRPMotorsports driver Willie Phee finishing first in the Saturday race and in second place in the Sunday race. Each day would have a separate qualifying session each morning with the race being held later in the afternoon.  Phee would qualify second in class and third overall for the Saturday race.  “I was surprised I qualified as well as I did as I had flown in from California and arrived in Atlanta at 2am.  I managed to get a couple hours of sleep and then picked up the truck and trailer and drove to Birmingham at 5am, got to the track just in time for a brief test session and then qualifying started” said Phee.  “I was pretty tired after qualifying so I took a short nap and got ready for the race”.  At the start of race one Phee was on the inside of row two, got a jump and up to second as he entered turn one.  He would move into the lead by turn five and would hold on to the overall lead until lap three when the Civic of Kevin Koelemeyer would get by in turn 11.  “I could see Kevin was getting a run on me through the kink and I knew he was in a faster car in a different class so I breathed the throttle to let him go by into turn 11”.  Phee would catch traffic on lap five and that would allow the second place ITS Miata of Chuck Hines an opportunity to close the gap.  On lap six Hines would get by Phee at the exit of turn three when Phee was held up by a lapped car.  Phee would get back by Hines in turn five and would hold onto first in class and second overall.    “That was a great race, the lapped cars made it a challenge along with the lack of sleep but the OPM crew did their always excellent job with car prep and helped me finish on the top step of the podium” said Phee. Sunday qualifying would end with Phee second in ITS but ninth overall five places behind the first place ITS Miata of Chuck Hines.  “I tried the same strategy as Saturday qualifying, going out near the rear of the 32 car field, but I could never get a clean lap.  I even tried coming down the pit lane to try and get an open space to put a lap in but I still caught traffic.” Said Phee. Phee would move up three positions by the end of the first lap and was closing on his main competition.  By lap six Phee had narrowed the gap but lapped cars once again came into play and Phee would get held up and drop back to seventh overall.  On lap 10 of the 15 lap race Phee’s car would lose power on the exit of the uphill turn three, the car would regain power about 75 yards down track. “I radioed the crew and told them the car shut off when I noticed that the fuel light was on.  I didn’t know if I had enough fuel to make it to the finish so I just backed off and tried to save fuel for the last five laps” said Phee.  “The car would stumble again on lap nine so I knew it was going to be close on fuel at the finish”. Phee had a big enough gap on the third place car to nurse the car home to a second place finish in class and 10th overall.   The next race is scheduled for October 6-7, 2018 at Roebling Road Raceway in Savannah, Georgia. The WRPMotorsports team is sponsored by Optima Batteries, Sparco USA, Total Lubricants, MCS Suspension and OPM Autosports. Photos courtesy of Gary Jablonski
August 25-26, 2018 – Barber Motorsports Park Birmingham, Alabama
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